Natural Check Mohair Blanket

Natural Check Mohair Blanket

The major benefits of mohair - known as 'The Diamond Fibre' - are:

Superior breathability Used as an extra bed layer in winter, or a wonderfully cosy wrap- around throw on cool summer evenings, the natural breathability of our products makes them versatile in any season.
Intense durability
due to its natural flexibility, this superb fibre allows twisting and pulling without breakage.

Dirt resistance the slippery nature of mohair makes it difficult for dirt and grime to stick to the fibre.
Natural elasticity
the natural qualities of the fibre give it resilience, ensuring that every item always maintains its shape.

Natural FR - mohair is naturally flame-retardant so can be used as a furniture cover without worry.
The brightest colours - the hollow nature of the fibres mean dye is absorbed easily and colours stay bright and true for many years.


Travel size 130cm x 180cm

*larger sizes avalible upon request


55% Mohair, 34% Wool, 11% Nylon