All About Mohair

All About Mohair

Not sure what Mohair is all about? Here are all the facts on why it is known as the 'Diamond Fibre'...

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Well what is it then?

Mohair is made from the fur of the fuzzy Angora goat which when woven creates a silky soft fabric that is durable, resilient and is known for its high lustre and sheen. This is where the term 'Diamond Fibre' is derived from (and who doesn't like diamonds!). Mohair also has excellent insulating properties which is perfect for cold winters - it could even reduce your heating bills! Mohair is considered a luxury fibre alongside cashmere and silk, this is why it is usually valued higher than that of your average sheep wool products, which gives you great bragging rights when your mates come round and point out your mohair blanket on the sofa :) 




The Mohair blankets at Imba Home have been hand made in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Angora Goats live a happy life in the hills just outside the sleepy costal town of Plettenberg Bay. Little do they know that while they enjoy a munch on the lovely green grass that is in this area, they provide us humans with a wonderfully sustainable and biodegradable fibre and all they have to do is have a hair cut twice a year!

Not only does mohair keep the tree huggers happy, it is also great for the local community as a number of jobs have been created for local people by The Mohair Mill where the products are manufactured. This is a fantastic initiative as they not only help the community, they produce high quality, natural products and Imba Home is very proud to support them. 




So why do we like the stuff so much? 

Mohair is now seen as fashionable and desirable (as seen in the bloggery pictures below!), it is used in a lot of luxury winter fashion such as scarves, coats and jumpers. It is so soft and warm that you can't help snuggling into it when it is chilly outside, I would really recommend getting spendy and treating yourself to a mohair scarf or jumper this winter - I am definitely going to! It is not quite as pricy as cashmere, but you get that same warmth and luxurious softness if that is what you are looking for. 

Have a look at these links to shops such as SelfridgesMax Mara, ASOS and Topshop for some inspo - just thought I would be helpful :)




If its so great why not also have it in your home too?

Seeing a mohair blanket thrown over the back of a sofa or end of a bed adds an element of texture and luxury to your space while at the same time having a feel of natural relaxed elegance and who doesn't want that. Mohair takes to dye brilliantly and can therefore come in any colour you fancy as well as checks and stripes. The blankets feel soft, fuzzy and warm and not at all scratchy, like some sheep wool blankets that you may have felt before which is something that I actively avoid when looking for a new blanket.

There are some lovely options on the Imba Home website that have been beautifully made and come in colours inspired by nature, find them by clicking on the images below.




If you would like some inspo on how to style your mohair blanket keep you eyes pealed on the blog as there will be a '5 Ways to Style a Throw' coming soon...


Love, Jess x 

Already cuddled up under my mohair blanket :) #mymohair


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